Sunday, February 22, 2015

Did FSU Value their image more than Brian Bell?

Brian Bell, Lowndes High School leading tackler
 "The more I looked into the case personally and through open records and interviews, I came to the conclusion there's no way he could have been murdered," Rose said. "To accuse the Bell brothers is utter nonsense." 

An excellent and in-depth article on the Kendrick Johnson case, written by David Whitley, came out today in the Orlando Sentinel.  If you do not have a subscription, you may read the full article on Scribd reprinted with permission from the author.

Highlights from the Orlando Sentinel article (my comments in red):

  • "I was a firm believer Mr. Johnson had met with foul play," Rev. Floyd Rose said. "I thought that from the beginning." 
  • Touchton, the head of the local NAACP chapter, asked the U.S. Department of Justice to open a civil rights investigation that is ongoing. She said the Johnsons' legal team asked her to investigate the death.  Touchton's findings did not fit the growing narrative.
  • There was no forensic evidence indicating a fight occurred at the gym. But even if you grant that Johnson was murdered and every cop in south Georgia is conspiring to protect the killers, one thing stands out.
  • The Bells have airtight alibis.
  • Witnessess say and video shows Brian Bell was in class across campus at the time Johnson would have been killed. Branden Bell was with the wrestling team on a trip to Macon, 153 miles away.
  • If this ever went to trial, I don't see how the prosecution could refute the testimony of at least 13 witnesses who saw the Bells either in class or on a bus to Macon when Johnson died.
  • King turned down an Orlando Sentinel request to interview Johnson's parents for this column. But he said the family has no connection to the social media campaign. (oh wow, a lie by the Johnson family and their attorney, shocker)
  • On her Facebook page, Johnson's aunt, Lydia Tooley Whitlock, called it something else.
  • (On Crump)"He's had no involvement with FSU and their decision," Crump communications manager Adner Marcelin said. "His only involvement has been on the legal side of the case." (But he has, and I have the screenshots to prove it, as do the Bell's attorneys)

Crump deleted this tweet shortly after posting it

I find it hard to believe Crump had nothing to do with the FSU decision, he champions all of his cases using students from the school.  He is on campus every week.  

Ben Crump on campus of FSU pushing his "hand up don't shoot" false narrative

  • Ebony Magazine ran a series titled, "Who Killed Kendrick Johnson", in which it concluded Johnson was murdered.
ebony magazine
Two months after the Bells sue Ebony Magazine, Crump tweets this
My favorite paragraph from the article:
"Attorney Benjamin Crump represented Trayvon Martin's family in Sanford and later Michael Brown's family in the Ferguson, Mo., legal drama. The FSU alum is also co-counsel representing the Johnsons.
The cases change. The storyline does not."

Opinions are my own.  My comments in red, all screenshots and photos are my own and were not published in the original article by Whitley.