Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Terence Walker Shot by Police - Body camera video

Terrence Walker bending to pick up what the officer believed to be a gun
Even with the body cam video that Attorney Benjamin Crump has been advocating for since the death of Michael Brown, people do not want to believe what is recorded on them.

Terence Walker went to a wedding after telling a friend that he had a bullet with a woman's name on it  who was attending the wedding.  The Pastor of the church called police and told them Walker had shown up at the site and had a gun.  An officer arrived at the scene, started questioning Walker and Walker ran.  While running Walker dropped what the officer believed was his gun -- Walker immediately stopped, picked the gun up and appeared to point it at the officer which resulted in the officer shooting and killing Walker.  This is all recorded clearly on the officer's body camera.  Still, there is this from Alex Jones at Info Wars:
Police in Oklahoma released a video Friday that shows a white officer shooting and killing a fleeing black man, the latest deadly, racially-charged incident involving white US law enforcement officers and African-American men.
Please watch the video and tell me how in the actual f**k this shooting is race related.

At about 2:45 you see an officer turn Walker over and find the gun, he tosses it about five feet away and the officer with the body cam secures it.

The man you see in the video trying to get the officer to let him go over to Walker is Pastor Jones, the man who called police to tell them Walker was at his church carrying a gun.  Jones insists on helping Walker as the officer tells him repeatedly to get back because (as the Pastor already knew), Walker had a gun.

Walker's mother is saying the officer didn't need to shoot her son because he was running away. Walker ran from an officer carrying a gun that Walker had been threatening his ex-girlfriend with, and that he had tried to hand off to someone when the officer arrived to confront him.  The officer felt the gun when he was patting Walker down which is the moment Walker elbowed the cop and ran.  The moment Walker stopped to pick up his cell phone, gum, gun, or to tie his shoes, he was a dead man walking.  The responsibility to do the right thing in this instance was on Walker, period. Everything he said and did that day lead to his death.

If no one explained this to Walker's mother, they should have, and it should be part of the "talk" black mothers and fathers have with their sons and daughters.

This was clearly a justified shooting by the officer .

Vice News:
At no point during the video does an ambulance arrive or do any of the police officers attempt to perform CPR or any kind of emergency resuscitation as Walker lies in the street.
As long as the suspect has a gun under his body, the officer will wait until back-up arrives before approaching the suspect.  When his back-up arrived, the officer felt for a pulse but did not perform CPR.  CPR is the only training officers receive and that is usually when they are in the academy.  The officer who shot Walker radioed right away for EMS, which can be heard on the video.