Monday, December 15, 2014

Officer Involved shooting: Kevin Knight, sex offender

Six officers are on administrative leave after a shooting on Saturday night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

While investigating a domestic violence call, the suspect, Kevin Knight, drove past police in an effort to evade arrest.  Police gave chase and Knight crashed into a house.  Knight then started firing at officers as he exited his car.  Officers fired back, wounding the suspect.  When the officers went to check on him, he started firing at them again.
"I kept hearing them tell him to, 'stop, stop, don't move, don't move, put the gun down.' He wouldn't do it. And they walked over to him to try and make sure that he was OK and he started back shooting at them," said a witness and neighbor who asked to remain anonymous.
The witness says police did their job when a 28-year-old man allegedly began shooting at officers. [Link]
Please miss us with "why did they have to shoot so many times" or "why didn't they help him".  Police have a duty to keep themselves and the community safe.  I hope I never see this scum on a list of  "black men unjustifiably shot by police".

This one will (unfortunately), live to sexually assault and physically abuse women again.