Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jessica Chambers: Domestic violence may have led to her unimaginable death

Jessica Lane Chambers
Burning someone alive isn't rare, and most of the time the crime is committed by a jealous ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, or a jealous woman.  I have yet to find a gang related burning of a single female.  That is not to say I have any clue whatsoever who may have burned Jessica Chambers alive, but I don't at all feel the act is gang related.  It feels much more like a crime of passion.  This horrific crime happens with much too much frequency in broken relationships that were volatile to begin with.  Jessica had been in at least one abusive relationship that we know of.  This is a crime that is committed by men and women of all ages, race, and socioeconomic background.  

Warning, the following video is very graphic.  A man is seen pouring an accelerant on a woman and lighting her on fire.  It is horrifying to watch and to realize how quickly the blaze spreads, and how difficult it was for bystanders to extinguish.  I don't know the circumstances of this crime, or the outcome.  Any input (in comments), is welcome.

burned alive
Another video shows a man dousing and lighting his ex on fire at a convenience store
At the moment I am trying to confirm the following tweet, but if true, Bryan Rudd would have been the last boyfriend to abuse Jessica.  There are rumors that she had a boyfriend at the time of her death, but I've not found anything posted that convinces me this is a valid assertion.

Other stories of women who were burned alive by jealous exes:
Shayona Dhank
Shayona Dhank: Iftekhar Murtza killed her father and sister then slit Shayona's throat, doused her with gasoline and set her on fire.

Coral Newman
Ex douses her in gasoline and lights her on fire.  Coral Newman was burned over 60% of her body.  She now counsels women about the consequences of domestic violence.

Ex-boyfriend sets pregnant woman on fire hoping to kill her and her baby.  The man's mother said he was a really good person and couldn't have done this.

Teen burned alive over pregnancy.  Boyfriend ordered her out of the car and doused her with gasoline.  Autopsy report showed she was not even pregnant.

Amarachi Okey Winifred, a Batch B corps member was on the 19th of July, burnt to death alongside a fresh Batch B corps member who had just left orientation camp.

At first, the attackers were thought to be some PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) community boys and students from Winnie’s PPA, but alas, it turned out that the culprit was Winnie's boyfriend based on an allegation of infidelity.

Tyrone Harts shot ex-girlfriend's young son, shot ex and set her on fire in front of her children

Man jailed for attempting to burn ex-lover alive - he had been harassing her for "some time".

Michigan teen burned alive

NYC woman burned alive

Threw gasoline on his girlfriend as she sat in her car -- received the death penalty.

Burned ex and baby alive 

Attempted to burn ex girlfriend alive 

Jealous of new boyfriend, man burns five year old boy alive

Burned ex girlfriend's children alive 

Man found guilty of burning ex - doused her with gasoline and lit her on fire

Doused ex girlfriend with gas and lit her on fire

Women dousing other women out of jealousy:
Natalie Dimitrovska and Dana Vulin

My friends at The Conservative Treehouse have been on this story since day one - although I am not in agreement with their theories, which have changed a lot over the past two weeks, I respect their opinion and have agreed with them 100% on other high-profile cases.  Take a look and see what you think.