Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gas Station Video captures last moments of Jessica Chamber's life

gas station video
Jessica Chambers - burned to death in Panola County, Mississippi
"I would have fought for her if I had to" Jessica's friend Lynnsey Fowler
Gas station surveillance video captures Jessica Chambers' last hoursPANOLA CO, MS (WMC) -
Surveillance video (video only), from a gas station on Highway 51 in Courtland, MS shows Jessica Chambers walking toward the gas station before being called away by someone out of the camera's view.

Jessica, 19, can be seen waving before walking over to talk to the person. Shortly afterward, from another angle, surveillance video captures a man in a striped shirt fill up what appears to be a gas can before walking off in the same direction Jessica went. Jessica eventually returned to her car, finished pumping gas, and drove away.
Investigators obtained the video, which was recorded about 90 minutes before she was burned alive, to use in connection with the investigation. The burning happened less than one mile from the gas station at which the video was recorded.
Right now, no arrests have been made in the case. People are being questioned, but investigators are not calling anyone a person of interest or a suspect in the case. The man who can be seen in the video filling a gas can has been cleared by authorities.
Investigators have also obtained Jessica's cell phone records and are going through those now to see if they present any further clues.

Jessica's father, Ben Chambers works as a mechanic for Panola County Sheriff's Department.

"I've seen a lot in different cases that it takes time, you know, everything don't happen overnight," said Chambers. "I've got faith in them, we've got one of the most wonderful sheriffs in the world."

Jessica was found burning near her car that was also engulfed in flames. Lighter fluid has been poured down her throat and into her nose before she was set on fire.  She had a gash to the right side of her head.  She was flown to a hospital but later died.   Autopsy results show she was burned over 98% of her body.
Burned to death
The person pictured with Jessica has not been named as a suspect, but the bruising on her chin caught my attention
Jessica's sister, Amanda Prince, said it's the family's understanding from police that someone was inside Jessica's car before the attack. The assailant may have poured accellerant down her throat and nose and set her on fire. It's unclear if she was knocked out first or if she fought back, but there was a gash on her head, Ben Chambers and Prince said.

"From what we were told, the only part of her body that wasn't burned was the bottom of her feet," Prince said.
Jessica Lane
Jessica Chamber's car
According to Jessica's father, Ben Chambers, in her last breaths, she whispered something to investigators that could help them track down her killer.

If it is true that Jessica gave Police her killer's name, it makes sense that the man on the video is the suspect.  The fact that this reporter gave the video to investigators, that he claims they did not have, also makes me believe they already know who killed her.
The internet is buzzing with many different theories, the most publicized on social media is that Jessica was probably killed by someone she had been dating - a young man they claim had physically abused her in the past.  A lot of those comments can be found here, at The Conservative Treehouse.

A GoFundme page has been set up to offset funeral costs for the family.

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