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Renisha McBride: Young & Thuggin

Twitter account questioned during Theodore Wafer murder trial
Renisha McBride is not on trial...Theodore Wafer is on trial.  During this trial the defense attorney was allowed to ask witnesses about a profile name for Renisha McBride "Young and Thuggin".  I figured there must be some relevance to this (twitter) profile if the defense brought it up.  They didn't call into question any of her other many profiles on facebook and twitter, so I and my team went searching for the profile.  Last night my ace research assistant "wiki" found it.  After going over Renisha's time line, it makes sense why the defense wanted to bring the profile into evidence.  Renisha was not the fading flower that her family and friends...and the media who have never met her...paint her to be.

Bernita Spinks
Renisha's Aunt Bernita Spinks told Voice of Detroit: “Renisha didn’t rip and run in the streets. She didn’t hang out at bars. She was a homebody, a sweetheart who stayed to herself. She was loving and kindhearted. While other people her age would be home sleeping, Renisha would be at her job [as a temporary Ford worker] at 4 a.m.” 
Her Aunt Bernita knows better than the above, and it is understandable she would want to paint Renisha in a favorable light, but it is not okay to use this type of fabrication to try and paint Theodore's Wafer as a monster.

 Did Renisha McBride deserve to die because she was, by her own admission, young and thuggin?  Of course not.  Was she playing Russian roulette with her life and the lives of others while living her "thuggin" lifestyle - absolutely, there is no doubt.  These young people know their lives could end in violence, drug overdose, or a drunk driving incident because they drink and drive, drink copious amounts of alcohol and partake of drugs almost every day.  In Renisha's case, and according to her twitter account(s), she stayed mad, high and drunk most of the time.  She seemed to have an unusually high tolerance when it came to alcohol - several tweets talk about drinking and still being awake wanting more at 4:00 a.m.

It is also because of articles like this, and their authors who are so biased or too stupid to do their research, that I write this blog:
Before the trial started, Judge Dana Hathaway denied Wafer’s request to show the jury cellphone pictures in which McBride is seen posing with guns, marijuana and cash – noting that there could be a million reasons why McBride would pose that way and that “nothing in the photographs that establishes a reputation for violent or aggressive behavior”. Cheryl Carpenter, Wafer’s attorney, told reporters that their defense strategy had been “to argue to the jury that she could have been up to no good”. 
Not really a stretch after reading Renisha's online activitiy.  Renisha McBride didn't deserve to die and Theodore Wafer doesn't deserve to go to prison based on the public's perception of him that's been spawned by the media's false narrative.  Wafer was asleep in his home the night Renisha decided to drink heavily, smoke weed, and get into her car and drive, taking her life and the lives of others into her hands.  Was she "knocking" on Wafer's door because she was a damsel in distress looking for help?  You study this young woman's personality and tell me.  I don't think so.  I think, judging from her personality, she thought she was somewhere else, somewhere she felt she had a right to be in her drunken state, and she wanted the hell in his house NOW.  Why she wanted in is something we will probably never know.

We also find out Renisha is gay/bisexual and had a few girlfriends.  She seemed to like to take other women's girlfriends and then taunt them about it...boasting about her "skills".  One could easily read into the tweets that she was wanting to start something.  She seemed angry a lot. She seemed to be the type of person that didn't like being told what to do, where she could go, and didn't like being told "no".

Renisha had an online biography - the contents of that biography are open to interpretation.  My take is she blamed her upbringing for her low moral threshold.  I'm not going to judge her parents, they are going through unmitigated hell.  Her father "bugged" her to do the right thing, to graduate, study, get an education.  Renisha resented him for that.  She rarely, if ever mentions Monica, so it is hard to deduce the nature of their relationship from her tweets.
Renisha McBride's bio on twitter
The following are just a few of the hundreds of tweets Renisha posted in only about one year prior to her death.  The last ones being about 1 1/2 years before.  In my opinion, if Renisha was this deep into the drug and "thugging" culture at 17, how much further into it would she have been at 19?

Renisha McBride twitter handles:


 I will no doubt get flack for posting these, but the defense brought these up for a reason, and the Judge allowed them to be brought up.  What I could find out about Ted Wafer through research was slim and none - he had nothing on the Internet, that I could find - in his own words.  If anything comes up, or if anyone wants to contribute in comments as to Wafer's personality, please, feel free to do so.

More on the Renisha McBride/Theodore Wafer case

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  1. She seemed like a charming young lady headed destined for greatness. Instead, she is now a martyr for the cause of racism, all because of her well-considered choices and lifestyle preferences. She was clearly killed because Wafer was lying in wait for a black thug to come knocking on his door that morning.


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