Friday, August 8, 2014

Man arrested in connection to the death of Alfred Wright

Charged in connection with the death of Alfred Wright
"Justice for Alfred Wright! Stop racist lynchings!"  This was just one of many headlines making the rounds during the disappearance and death of Alfred Wright.  Based on absolutely no evidence that a murder had taken place, much less a "racist lynching", the family and their attorney, along with civil rights activists, flooded the airwaves and social media.  Indictment for Shane Hadnot.

The US Attorney has arrested a man in connection with the death of Alfred Wright.  Alfred Wright was found dead in Jasper, Texas after going missing November 7, 2013.  The New Black Panthers marched and chanted "Revolution has come, time to pick up a gun" in Jasper because they believed the white Sheriff was involved in covering up his death.  The town didn't waste any time slandering and libeling the Sheriff who told me in a phone interview that the truth would eventually come out.
Shane Dwayne Hadnot, 28, was indicted on Wednesday by a federal grand jury charging him with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance resulting in death. He was arrested on Thursday and will appear before a magistrate judge on Friday.
[snip] According to the indictment, an investigation into the cause of Wright's disappearance and death revealed his involvement with Hadnot. Phone records, witness statements and drug evidence located during the search of Hadnot's car, indicated Hadnot was selling cocaine to Wright.
 During the two-day period before Wright's death, Hadnot and Wright exchanged 20 text messages, according to the indictment. It alleges that on Nov. 7, 2013, Wright sent a text to Hadnot at 12:36 p.m. requesting to buy cocaine and other drugs from Hadnot. Wright went missing about five hours later. An autopsy showed Wright's blood contained cocaine, meth and Xanax.
Apparently Wright was on his way to see several patients when he loaded up on drugs. Nice. The first autopsy stated there was a drug overdose - the family contended he did not do drugs even though his wife told authorities, at the onset of the investigation, that Alfred did do drugs. The second autopsy, paid for by Wright's family, told a different story, of course. Lee Ann Grossberg, who was hired by the legal team representing Alfred Wright's family, said even though Wright's body was found in an advanced state of decomposition, there was enough physical trauma to suggest some type of homicidal violence. The family also contended that someone had forced their son to take the drugs found in his system.

Try as you may, you can't fix racist stupidity.

One of the early headlines read:

Alfred Wright Murder Case Intensifies: A Call for Justice for Jasper Man who had Throat Slit, Tongue Cut Out and Eyes Gouged [link]The Houston Forward Times (HFT) has been extensively covering the Alfred Wright murder case and cover-up from the beginning...

Same grievance industry playbook, different day.

More on Alfred Wright Case:

Alfred Wright Update February 21, 2014 - this article is chock full of information including Sheila Jackson Lee's call for the DOJ's involvement.
Who is the Pathologist in the Alfred Wright Case - Lee ...
CNN - always up for furthering the cause of the grievance industry (video) My favorite part is the "dime" allegation by Sheriff's ex-girlfriend.




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