Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What is Kendrick Johnson's life worth?

Another lawsuit was filed this week by the family of Kendrick Johnson.  In January, 2013,  "KJ" was found dead in a rolled up gym mat at Lowndes County High School in Valdosta, Georgia.  Initially ruled an accident by investigators, the case was reopened due to political intimidation by lawyers for the family, one of them the infamous, Benjamin Crump of Trayvon Martin fame.  US Attorney Michael Moore took the case to review in October, 2013 and has yet to announce his findings.

The newest lawsuit is almost verbatim to a lawsuit the family filed in May, 2014 against the Lowndes County School Board, only this time the family is demanding financial compensation for the “full value” of their son's  life.  I am not aware of what that price is, but I guess everything really does have a price.

Neither the May lawsuit, nor the lawsuit this week has been served on any of the defendants.  There was also a suit filed against Harrington funeral home a few months ago by the family - they had to serve themselves.

Read more on this latest development from Adam Floyd.

Complete timeline of events and documents for the Kendrick Johnson case

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  1. If one more person on CNN asks me how Kendrick could have rolled himself in the mat, I think I am going to go postal. How on earth are people this dumb?


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