Thursday, July 3, 2014

NEW: PI David Hodges Report on Natasha Boykin Case

Angela Corey refuses to speak to Natasha Boykin's mother
David Hodges is a private investigator for the mother of Natasha Boykin.  Recently he gave an interview to The Daily Caller's, Chuck Ross.  Below are excerpts from his article:
  • David Hodges, King’s lead private investigator, has compiled a list of 65 pieces of evidence which he says shows that Boykin did not shoot herself in the chest, and was instead shot by her boyfriend, who placed the 911 phone call reporting her death.
  • Gun powder residue was found on Boykin’s boyfriend’s arms while stippling was seen on his forehead in a police photograph. Boykin herself had no stippling or residue on her hands or arms, according to evidence compiled by King and her investigative team.
  • Boykin’s gunshot wound was not at point-blank range, as would be expected in a suicide. And there was evidence that her body had been moved after her death and that her clothes, including her underwear and her bra, had been manipulated.
  • Both King and Hodges told TheDC that Angela Corey said in a private conversation that if King took Boykin’s boyfriend to court for a civil wrongful death suit, he would be found guilty.

The seasoned investigator said he has been met with skepticism by some who think he is making his claims because he is getting paid.

Not true, he says. He is working for King pro bono. [Link to Article]

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