Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Angela Corey's office demands $180,000 for a Public Records Request!

Natasha Boykin
Natasha Boykin's mother, Angel King, has been trying to find justice for her daughter for the past five years.  The office of Angela Corey, along with the usual suspects, aka, her staff, have stonewalled Angel since the night a relative of Angela Corey's hauled Natasha's body away in a tree and shrubbery service truck.

Finally, after five years of begging for them, Angela Corey's office emailed Angel to let her know the public records she had been requesting were now available...she's welcome to pick them up anytime, as long as she brings her checkbook and issues a check for $180,000.  

You read that right, and it has been confirmed by Derek Kinner, a freelance writer for Folio Weekly.  See much more of his story HERE

More on Natasha Boykin's story
Power Point of Evidence

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    Public Records – Fees and Costs
    In Florida, providing access to public records is the law. With a few exceptions, the records of state and local agencies are subject to the Florida Public Records Act, from records in the Governor’s office to those of your local school board. They must give access to public records for inspection as well as for copying. This session is an overview of the types of costs and fees agencies may charge for providing public documents.
    Generally, agencies may not charge a fee for the inspection of public records. For example, agencies may not charge citizens for listening to audio recordings of any hearings, or for reviewing documents unless redaction of exempt material is necessary.
    With today’s technology, it has never been easier to provide citizens free access to public records through the internet. Agencies may post all public records, from minutes of meetings to contracts, on their public website. This is a simple, efficient, and economical way to give all citizens free access to public information. By posting public records on websites, agencies will avoid the use of employees’ time for searching and copying records requested, which saves the agency money and resources. This convenient method also provides citizens with records faster and without the expense of paper copies. Agencies may also wish to consider providing access to a computer terminal for citizens to inspect and examine an agency’s non-exempt public records.


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