Monday, March 10, 2014

The Arms Room takes threats seriously by standing up for George Zimmerman

George signing autographs at The Arms Room

This evening I was tweeted the following information from a friend:

Apparently a Mr. Andre McKoy decided he was entitled to deliver hate speech to this great company just because he was in his feelings about George Zimmerman being a guest at The Arms Room Gun show last weekend.  Here's what Mr. McKoy had to say:

The Arm's Room is standing up and standing behind George Zimmerman - finally someone has the balls to do it and I could not be more proud.  They are not standing up just for George, they are standing up for every one of us who receive death threats every single day of the week for believing in justice and George's civil rights.  Most of the time these cowards hide behind fake names to spew their hateful threats - Mr. McKoy was not so bright, or he just felt too above it all to care.  In reply to Mr. McKoy's threat:
The Arms Room
Dear friends, we wouldn't normally do this...correction, we have NEVER actually done this, but we felt that this particular case was so special that it deserved some unique exposure.
We all know that our decision to support Mr. Zimmerman has generated some controversy and we expected that. The most vocal ones, coincidentally, are usually those that tend to lean to the left, call themselves "tolerant" and generally attack the "right" as being racists, gun crazed, intolerant and a number of other adjectives that are less than flattering.
What we find interesting is that we often see the most hateful, disgusting and violent speech coming from those liberal-minded folks that proclaim to be "tolerant of others" and cry outrage over something like our justice system actually working as designed by our founding fathers.
Here is a great example of such behavior. We would like to point out that this individual, Andre McKoy, has locked down his profile after we banned him for his despicable comments and continues to message us, but not before we captured his comments and profile picture. We wonder how his employer, Lowe's Home Improvement in Weaver, AL would react to having their employees posting such vile comments in a public forum?
Yes Andre, we are talking about YOU. Wishing someones children are shot in cold blood crosses the line. We will be following up on this with Lowes...there are consequences for your hateful speech in a public forum and we intend to teach Mr. McKoy a lesson in public online behavior involving threatening speech or violence.
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If you would like to call Lowe's as well, here is the information:

I would like to offer The Arms Room one year free advertising on my blog!


  1. I've noticed almost ALL people who are anti-2nd Amendment, anti-SYG laws, and anti-police are especially hateful with their comments. They spew hate, vitriol, gross, and vulgar words. Of course, the group on the other side of the political spectrum, has a few people who do the same thing, but they are few and far apart, ... just the opposite from the other group. I can't help but wonder if the difference is due to one group being pro-crime and the other not. Maybe some day it will be proven one way or the other.

  2. The whole tolerance thing is wearing on them, I'm sure. I watched the author of this blog go through hell with about 20 of them today. I don't know how she does it. Hateful and cruel people, just because they don't agree. Threatening children is stepping way over a line.

  3. These are NOT nice people. To give you an idea of the caliber we are talking about, this is a picture of his wife flashing a gang symbol. We are talking real class here and frankly a risk.

    1. Some "white" people are pathologically evil, no other way to see it. Look at their history and it keeps repeating... They lust for blood, prey on those weaker than them, use power to control & kill and cover it up so good. These "white" people are the worse kind. Why are so many upset with Hitler? Some are worse than him.

  4. Let's see if any of my replies get posted.
    Justice for KJ. The humane people of America are praying for you and your family! I'm so sad that these types of injustices continue to exist, especially in 2015.


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