Friday, February 14, 2014

John Phillips the Jordan Davis Family Attorney - "Not eligible to practice in Florida"

I believe it is FRAUD to put yourself out as an attorney when you are not eligible to practice in your State
UPDATED 2/17/2013 

John Phillips is on twitter steady patting himself on the back for all his awards - when he's not doing that he's tweeting out files from the Michael Dunn case that were not put into evidence.  I thought that was pretty unethical and I said so...he never replied.

I was amazed that an attorney for the family of a dead child could act so unethically.  I just this moment got my answer from the Florida Bar Association Website:

Notice the "Delinquent Cler"?
(a) CLER Delinquent Members. Any member who is suspended by reason of failure to complete continuing legal education requirements shall be deemed a delinquent member. A delinquent member shall not engage in the practice of law in this state and shall not be entitled to any privileges and benefits accorded to members of The Florida Bar in good standing. Any member suspended for failure to complete continuing legal education requirements may be reinstated as elsewhere provided in these rules.

How long has Phillips been ineligible to practice law in the State of Florida.  Why did the parents of a child "brutally murdered for loud music" hire someone without checking his credentials?  How was he able to represent and negotiate a civil settlement for the family?  More research is needed....more later...
John has had some problems before:
Alabama alum John Phillips, implicated in D.J. Fluker allegations, once blasted rogue agents
TUSCALOOSA, Alabama -- John Phillips is no stranger to the spotlight.
The Jacksonville, Fla., lawyer and Alabama alumnus made headlines after admitting to that he had edited an unflattering video of then-Auburn offensive coordinator's Gus Malzahn's wife Kristi in 2011.
He was also shopping photos on behalf of a client of Johnny Manziel allegedly signing autographs this past summer. And he's a regular as a legal expert on HLN.
Now he's one of three agents implicated in a Yahoo! Sports report of funneling money to college athletes -- including ex-Alabama offensive lineman D.J. Fluker -- through another ex-Tide player Luther Davis.
A big thanks to re-newser David Piercy for bringing this to me 

Brenda says hey and thanks for posting her pic on twitter

UPDATE 2/17: John has his eligibility back and is not trying to take the high road, sending out "cease and desist tweets".  Good job John.  Now can we talk about the player payoffs? 
UPDATE 2/16: John posted this on his twitter account first thing this morning:
"I am fully compliant with CLE. A ? came up Friday about a class not entered last October. Will be updated Monday".  (@JohnPhillips) February 15, 2014 

He says he called before 7 a.m. Florida time (bar is not open on Saturday), and they said they would clear it all up on Monday. The Bar will be closed on Monday. Here's the thing...Lawyers have access to the records John posted above, on the same website he is saying they "just didn't update"...but they had to have updated because that is where he (hopefully), pulled this record from....or not, who knows, John could have photo shopped.

The other thing is there's a form that has to be filled out and a fee that has to be paid in order to be reinstated...I sent it to him just in case (tic). We will be watching the Florida Bar page.

Also worth noting that John was nowhere to be seen on the most important day in the Dunn trial. Just an observation, but I can't help but wonder if his clients were aware of his status before today.


  1. Are you serious? This is relevant because it changes the fact that Michael Dunn shot & murdered their child? No. And clearly anyone cane read. It is very possible he didn't do something illegal or damaging. It is possible he didn't renew certification or take so many hours of a specific continuing education class. Maybe did bot renew his license in a timely manner. This does not bar him from ever practicing law. And he did mention friends so it is possible that they asked him to help them understand & navigate things during the trial. He may very well not be getting paid for helping which ... Means he is isn't doing anythifn wrong. Smh it's a shame assholes like you try to bait & switch or deflect from what is actually going on. No matter what you or Strolla do the fact remains he shot Jordan Davis & is a murderer. To quote the Prosecution: If Jordan had had alcohol or drugs in his system would the bullets have still killed him? <<<< If Phillips can practice law in the state of Florida or not would Michael Dunn stil be on trial for murdering Jordan Davis... Both answers Yes. So Get a Life

  2. Why are the defenders of black children, be it right or wrong, such assholes? His name is on a legal document representing himself as their lawyer. I don't see where I wrote anything at all about whether or not Michael Dunn is guilty or innocent. In fact, I've never written a blog, period, on this case that I recall. Get out your feelings.

  3. Defenders of agressive hostile black teen thugs are delusional idiot 99.9% of the time

  4. Civil Lawsuits Against Michael Dunn Settled via @XenaBb7

    Local lawyer tied to NCAA football scandal | via @FCN2go

  5. I should not be suprised that this is inaccurate. Much of your claims are. You may from now on want to report factually since you actively speak out against inaccuracies and agenda driven journalism.

  6. lol my story was absolutely accurate or Phillips would not have had to fix it. Care to show where I've written stories plagued with inaccuracies? Just post a link, thanks..


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