Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tricia Griffith's Counter-Petition to Websleuth's Lawsuit (BAM)

A few months ago a dear friend of mine, Tricia Griffith, owner of Tricia's True Crime Radio and Websleuths.com co/owner, had her life turned upside down by her business partner and co/owner of Websleuths.com, Susan Pruitt.

Tricia's name was dragged through the mud on her own website as she was accused of fraud and embezzlement.  I've known this woman for 17 years...she is a wonderful human being and would give anyone needing it, her very last dime...I've seen her kindness and have experienced it first hand and I am beyond thrilled to see her getting closer to justice and redemption! 

I've seen lie written about Tricia Griffith for years, usually by banned  admins and members of Websleuths.  Their life is so pathetic and useless they lost their minds when they were banned and resorted to opening blogs (anonymously, of course), to slander her.  Some gave her physical address and in one very scary instance, people showed up there in the middle of the night.  She's had her image from talk shows manipulated and ridiculed for no other reason than to feel better about themselves.  Pathetic, lonely losers who could never possibly know what it's like to be a contributing member of society.

Tricia has worked with Marc Klaas for many years in his organization, I've seen the hours Tricia has volunteered her time to it, yet most people have no idea.  She has a radio show dedicated to finding justice for victims of crime...and although we don't always agree on the controversial cases, I respect her opinion and know it comes from a truly good heart.

Throughout this malicious process Tricia has held her head high and has taken the high road.  She was hurt beyond words that people she trusted, her own admins, turned against her on the word of someone they'd only known a fraction of the time they knew her.  I saw first hand how easily they were manipulated, and how quick they were to turn against Tricia in order to stay in favor of the person they mistakenly believed had more power and money and would come out on top.  OOPS!!  Karma is a bitch ladies and gentlemen...one gentleman to be precise. I'm glad I will be a witness to theirs in my lifetime.

I hope those who fell for the vicious maligning of Tricia are ashamed of themselves.  Thank goodness vicious gossip and self-serving hyperbole are not admissible in a court of law.  I've had people that I KNOW do not know Tricia talk smack about her to me because of what they've read or heard on other websites or from her own admins and I am amazed that they would repeat vicious rumors as if they were true...but I see it happen every day with crime nuts who watch Nancy Grace - they thrive on the negative gossip, they have no time for meting out the truth, some are in it just to see someone else's misery and loss, and if they can contribute to it, even better.

Websleuths is a forum that was built to find justice for victims of crime.  Irony at its finest.

The original lawsuit follows the Counter-Petition


  1. I don't know who's right or wrong in this lawsuit, and frankly don''t care. But I do challenge your assertion that Tricia is a "wonderful human being". During my interaction with her, though it was limited, I found her to be a very crass, rude individual. You've left the impression that she does all of this work out of benevolence. She strikes me as more of an opportunist, with an inflated view of her own self-importance.

    1. These people are nothing more than liars and frauds, the information they are reporting is false and the obtain it second handed. I reccommed that you not fall prey to these lies because when you spend time falsely accusing someone, the real killer is allowed to continue to kill and go unnoticed, that is the real danger that webslueth impose.

  2. Tricia is anything but a wonderful human being. She is a bully, and several of her mods are power-hungry minions.

    Thank goodness for the mods there who have some common sense. But they are outnumbered.

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  4. Must be opposite day in your world..."bully post".

    To say these things about her only means you have a vendetta against her and you don't know her. Show an example of her "bullying" someone. Please don't drag up the letter she wrote because the mean girls were trying to hack into the server...I saw their plotting posts on Justice Quest with my own eyes.

  5. Websleuths used to be a wonderful place for people to try to help and figure out responsible parties for murders and where missing people could be. More recently, Trisha's success with the radio show and website has resulted in arrogance and mis-use of power. The moderators of the site used to have respect and common courtesy for their members while they enforced terms of service (TOS) for legal reasons. Now, moderators act like hall monitors, using the perceived power they have over the forums to be punitive, hostile and disrespectful of their users. Going online to WS is like asking for an adrenaline rush as users are accused of and punished for perceived violations of TOS by the mods. You will find emails in your personal email inbox from mods attacking, flaming and accusing you of doing something wrong, as if being a member makes you part of a cult where you relinquish your right to respect and common courtesy. They "yell" at users like angry camp counselors and think their power to put a user a "time out", like a child, gives them the right to be rude and disrespectful, accosting and punishing their members if they step out of line. Meanwhile, what is considered out of bounds for discussion is vague and unclear, setting up their members to enter forbidden territory, and using it as an opportunity to attack them. It's extra negativity that any healthy adult doesn't need added to their lives.


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