Monday, December 9, 2013

Jim Vester fought to save our Country, and died because of what it has become

Jim Vester, his wife and son - via Sarah Hill
Jim Vester, who has served the military for 12-years was shot dead while buying an iPad arranged through Craigslist as a Christmas gift on Wednesday. Two assailants shot him, robbed him, and fled.
Now, two brothers, 19-year-old Tryon Kincade and 18-year-old Tyshaune Kincade, have been charged with Vester’s murder.  

James Vester

James Vester was a man who lived his life in a manner that would ensure his family a decent legacy.  He served his country, he paid taxes.  He wanted to leave it better than it was when he got here. Had James lived he would have paid enormous taxes to ensure countless generations of youth like Tryon and Tyshaune Kincade could live a life of entitlement and crime and, at the end of the day, contribute nothing but destruction to this Country. Generations of black fathers leave their kids (as is the case with both these young thugs), and they do it voluntarily - just as well, the government doesn't support families as well as they do single mothers. 
Jim Vester and his son shortly before Vester was murdered
Jim Vester had a one year old son he cherished.  On November 4, 2013, two fatherless thugs stole 1/2 of a little boy's life from him. His introduction to "white privilege".

Meet the two thugs accused of murdering James Vester:
Tryon and Tyshuane Kincade via Facebook
From their mother's facebook page: Markesha Taylor (Markesha King- Kincade)

Markesha Taylor, mother of thugs (via facebook)

Tryon Kincaid via Markesha - look closely (Taylor's Facebook photos)
Markesha has at least five kids that I could find.  Apparently one of their fathers is dead as well.  Markesha was booked back in June for disorderly conduct.
A "brother" posts on facebook about the murder...he wants his "brothers" freed.

One of their girlfriend's, "Deja Simone'", posts these pics on her facebook:
One of the brothers doing what thugs do in pics, smoking some pot and flipping the bird (via facebook)

Apparently all broken up over the murder, Deja posts this two days later (via facebook)

If you wonder who the traybots are...look no further than Deja.

There's always this (via Facebook) 
Tryon Kincade

Tyshuane Kincade

They could have been Obama's sons...

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