Saturday, August 3, 2013

Shame on The Patch no mention of race in brutal attack on white child

Video shows vicious Pinellas school bus attack

Three black teens viciously assault a white sixth grader aboard a Gulfport school bus

Bus Driver, John Moody : "Get somebody over here quick, quick, quick, they're about to beat this child to death". 
Even after the three black teens exited the bus, the driver did nothing at all to help him.

Shame on the Gulfport Patch and any other online news source who does not indicate the race of the teens involved in this brutal attack on a sixth grade child, especially without benefit of the video posted by WFLA news. Why, in fact, didn't The Patch post the video?  
Excerpt: A 13-year-old boy was assaulted and suffered a broken arm aboard a school bus Wednesday, according to Gulfport Police, who have charged three older teenagers in connection to the incident.
Two suspects each face an aggravated battery charge. The third is charged with aggravated battery and unarmed robbery, according to Woodman. All three suspects are 15 years old.
Excerpt: The driver called for help after three 15-year-old boys started hitting and kicking the 13-year-old victim.
The boys, including the suspect who tried to sell the victim drugs, attacked the boy, punching, kicking and stomping on him for nearly a full minute, according to police. The victim tried to crawl under the seat during the attack, Woodman says.