Wednesday, July 24, 2013

JayZ calls Zimmerman a Fu**ng Mall Cop

Hov Has Spoken! Jay Z Talks Trayvon Martin & Calls George Zimmerman A "Fucking Mall Cop" (VIDEO

How many lives did Jay Z destroy while selling drugs when he was Trayvon's age?  He has a lot of nerve calling George Zimmerman a "fucking mall cop".  JayZ is just a studio musician with a less than intelligent wife who wants to be white.  He doesn't get a pass on his drug dealing and violent criminal history.  JayZ a typical uppity thug with money and a sense of entitlement - it doesn't change the facts.  The bottom line is, he could have killed a man with a few more chickenshit stabs to his back. Why not use his fists?  Who brings a knife to a fist fight?  Or a gun?

" A member of Jay-Z's posse "hit Lance over the head with a bottle," West said. "And then Jay-Z stabbed him with a knife, 8- or 9-inch knife, he stabbed him in the back.[Link]
" Rivera, who is 6-feet-2 and weighs 325 pounds, crashed to the stage, and members of Jay-Z's group continued punching and kicking him as revelers scattered to escape the violence, witnesses said. Rivera friend Kory Jackson-Lopez, 29, was hit in the face with a bottle. Q-Tip was hit in the face as his bodyguards tried to shield him from the flying fists and shattering glass. "They hustled Jay-Z out a back door," West said. "Clive Davis was right there, saw the whole thing.


  1. New video by Kanye West: BLKKK SKKKN HEAD *xplicit*
    [another ode 2 reverse racism]


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