Monday, September 3, 2012

Ronald Weekley

Benjamin Crump has a new client, Ronald Weekley.  He was arrested by LAPD last month and it was caught on tape.  One can clearly see the officer punch Weekley once in the face or head on the video.  One of the local stations altered the tape to make it look as though he was punched three times...not even surprising anymore.  None of that is why I'm writing this today, the reason for this blog is to ask you - does this 20 year old man look like he suffered a broken nose, broken cheek bones, and lacerations to his face only four days prior?
August 21 press conference - attack happened on August 18
The results are, is that he has a broken nose, he has a broken cheekbone and he has a concussion.” Source

The family plans to file a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department.

Crump questioned whether Weekley, who is African American, was a victim of racial profiling. He called for an investigation of the officers involved in the arrest, and for all charges against Weekley to be dropped.

"Was he stopped because he was on the wrong side of the road, or was he attacked because was the wrong color?" Crump said at Tuesday's press conference. Source
 They grabbed my hair and my back and tried to smash my face into the ground,” he said. “I started screaming and yelling because I thought I was going to die.” Source

Video Here

I'm not saying the police were right or wrong, I'm just saying the young man looks way less battered than George Zimmerman did, yet Ronald also thought he was going to die.  Awkward.

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  1. ha! the irony indeed!!

    vic-- ever take a break? :)



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